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I collect and publish photos of nature canvases in NFT format (Non Fungible crypto Tokens). Each canvas is unique in nature and now in digital world as a token. I named them "Nature bits". Nature bits are purposed to think on connection of digital metaverse and nature as our still only home we need to care about.


digital artist, environmental enthusiast / Instagram / Twitter

About the project

Nature bits are photos of patterns taken in outdoor travels by digital artist gonorovsky. Each nature bit is an artifact that transmits a certain type of energy to its owner. Check the energy charge type & value in the upper right corner.

Select your nature bit carefully but spontaneously. Look through all and find which one touches your feelings. It will catch you with a unique color palette and pattern emitted. Imagine you feel its texture and touch the canvas. This evokes your feelings and brings you to this moment. Feel it and live it now. Be here at the exact moment. It's not generated digitally, it's alive and unique, same as you, same as this moment.

Nature bits remind us to think about the connection of our physical living with a metaverse, consequently, connecting our past with our future. So in this exact moment, perceiving nature canvases think about the real world past, while crypto tokens stand for dreams about the future. Nature bits are recorded forever to the blockchain, unlike the nature patterns that will be dismissed soon as part of evolution.

Think of the “Nature bit art” project as the declaration for the environmental care call. As the bridge between the metaverse and real world. Each of our connections online is still conducted from the offline real world. What air we breathe, what food we have, what temperature is outside?

Nature is still our only home we need to care about.


The art here is the concept itself, the meta behind and philosophy. You don’t need to separate "nature photos" and "crypto tokens". In time of meta verse we may change levels of our perception. Now they are: starting from physical items (tree), going further to digital items (photos), then to meta items (smart contract). So to combine and read all these as a one piece there should be mediation level - something that is not physical and nor digital. A kind of knowledge, feeling or thought (insight). So interacting with nature bit in any type you gaining this "insight". This knowledge of transformation and movement toward our future, while understanding our past. Buying NFT or print is not the objective of the "nature bit" art project. Instead, it is to help you gain the knowledge and understanding of transformation you are currently moving to.

I think all started with this brilliant piece. Unexpected finding during autumn hike in the woods. Is it really created in nature? - I’m asking myself each time.

For sure u can create this with paint or digital drawing. But for the moment just think that this is a tree 150-200 years old. This art piece created during its life. Shaped with evolution: storms, cold winters and who knows what else. And now at end of its life, we supervise the art piece that will dismiss soon.



For some patterns I cannot figure out how it’s possible to have this in nature. This piece I found in late autumn. These circles where generated for decades and, after storm has ruined the tree, they were revealed for observation.


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